Smart Makeup Removal Part I: The Eyes


After a new year’s evening of partying hard, you stagger into your bedroom and are just about ready to drop and snooze the morning away. You’ve had a wonderful time, and you’re too tired to be bothered to undress, much less take off your makeup.

Wait! It’s imperative that you take your makeup off before bedtime. This allows your skin to breathe and recharge, and stave off the development of nasty zits and blackheads.

The first step to any thorough makeup removal routine is to take a cotton ball with some makeup remover, and swipe our face and neck with it. Be sure to get any particular areas that have been touched with makeup. If you don’t have makeup remover, some baby oil or cold cream will work fine.

Next, your eyes. Carefully peel off your falsies (if you are wearing any), and soak them in warm water to help the glue come off. Take another clean cotton ball with makeup remover, and swipe your eyelids, eyebrows, and the skin beneath your eyes. For the eyeliner, take a clean cotton bud, add a drop or two of makeup remover, and carefully swipe or roll over the tearline. This will clean up your eyes well, and prevent any stray bits of makeup from getting into your eyes as you sleep.

photo credit: pumpkincat210 via photopin cc