New Year Glam!


Happy New Year! We’re practically a little over 24 hours until 2013 sets in. Most of you It Kids out there are getting ready for your New Year parties – picking out what to wear, what to bring to the party, maybe even who to kiss when the clock strikes twelve! You have every right to have fun, and to kiss whoever you want to kiss. It’s 2013, after all!

What about your look? Bring out your makeup kits and fun add-ons, because here are some suggestions to get you into that New Year’s spirit.

1) For drama, try on a smoky eye with some shimmery or metallic color. A dark eye graduating into silver is always fab and futuristic, while a deep, deep plum to iridescent lavender gives you some classic, feminine mystery and drama. Try experimenting with other jewel tones, too. Get inspiration from what you plan to wear on the big night.
2) Want to be daring while wearing a mask? Try wearing extreme-length false eyelashes, and plum- or wine-colored lips to grab everyone’s attention and take their breath away.
3) Funk up the party in a dark club by wearing neon-colored gear – plus points if they glow in the dark. Accessories, wigs, nail polish, and even glow-in-the dark body face paint or temporary tattoos are fair game.

photo credit: narghee-la via photopin cc