Great Makeup Tips From Drag Queens

Thanks to the reality TV show RuPaul Drag Race, drag queens are now enjoying their time in the limelight, and are more visble and celebrated than ever. Gone are the days when the term “drag queen” was synonymous to men in ill-fitting dress and pumps with horrendously thick, clownish makeup. Now, the best drag queens know what it takes to be a woman in a man’s world, and biological ladies are learning from them, too! Here are some tricks of the trade you can steal from these living dolls.

Great beauty comes from great skin. Despite their club appearances, tours, and album recordings, drag queens make it a point to eat healthily and get enough sleep. Aside from staying energized and keeping their trim figures, these factors also make up for healthy skin. Moisturization is also key, so make sure to fit that into your daily skin care rituals.

Try falsies. False eyelashes are not as scary as they seem. All it takes are a good pair, some eyelash glue, tweezers, and good concentration. Falsies are a great way to add drama to your eyes and pile on the girlish charm. Try clipping some inexpensive falsies in half and glue onto the outer corners of your eyes for a flirty look.

Never be afraid to experiment. Although all those makeup choices can seem daunting for some ladies, these queens encourage them to “play around”. To them, makeup is not so much a strict set of colors that go together, but a wide palette for an artist to play around and experiment with. Try matching vivid colors, or mixing your favorite eyeshadow with a bit of clear lipgoss and use it on your lips. The only limit is your imagination.

photo credit: ewee via photopin cc