How to Get Hip Blue Eyes

blueeyesEverybody’s wearing them and color is something that can really bring drama to one’s eyes. Blue liners used with black eyeliners to begin the shade shift brings more drama to your eyes and add to that a dramatic set of lashes with mascara and you get very dramatic eyes that can really make you stand out.

Using back first makes the blue stand out as if it were floating, giving your eyes with a blue glow you simply can’t get enough of. Want more drama in your eyes, try some of the best products from Sephora with their products from OPI which comes in a mermaid shade collection that is enough to bring the sun and beach into your eyes as if you were made for the surf. [Read more...]

Puffy Eye First Aid

We all have our puffy-eye moments. It’s happened to the best of us, burning the midnight oil cramming for our university exams (and if you say it’s never happened to you at least once, shame on you!). It’s happened to use crying our eyes out over a drama-rama movie marathon, a really bad breakup, or even your favorite snack store running out of that Best Snack Ever for you. It’s also happened after an entire evening of partying hard, either for New Year’s, Major Fridays, or any club night you got serious about. Puffy eyes do happen to the best of us.

So, what to do about them? Some super-model managers have been notorious for thrusting their charge’s faces into ice-cold water for five seconds to reduce the swelling, but we’re not going to go as extreme as that. One solution you can do is to take an ice cube and rub it on the puffiness. If you have time and access to a cucumber, the time-tested cucumber-slice solution also works. You can also try eye creams to reduce the swelling, just make sure they’re rich in caffeine. A last resort you can try is to go with one of the best-kept drag queen‘s and beauty queen’s secrets – Preparation H.

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Look Your Best around The World

Ladies! Tell me you’re with me when I say that we want to look our best while traveling – on the road, in the air or even at sea. Whether women are traveling for work or for pleasure, we always want to stay gorgeous for the photo ops, hot local guys, that very important business meeting we have or simply because we want too. If you are with me on this and would want to know how to look your best no matter where you are in the world, then check out these fashion and beauty tips while traveling.

Fashion Tips
A right suitcase is the first step.
The right suitcase is the first step to be fashionable while you travel. This is where you’ll put all your wardrobes and accessories. Choose a suitcase that’s big enough for you but would not exceed your baggage weight. Choosing a suitcase that has your favorite color is not bad at all too.

Side-zip booties are fashionable and functional
When traveling, you don’t want to deal with a shoe that’s got anything more complicated than a simple zip. That is why a side-zip boots would be best for traveling. We realize there are plenty of ballet-flat travel fans out there, but I’m more into boots — with chilly plane temperature, possible terminal-to-terminal sprints and possible public transportation problems to be faced (hire a car beforehand or reserve a taxi if you would not want to encounter this) we like a heavier shoe to protect our toes.

Achieved that celebrity look with sunglasses
Sunglasses are like the fashion staple nowadays. It adds that exotic look in our outfit that makes us look like a celebrity. In super-sunny destinations, sunglasses help protect your eyes while also helping you get away with your less-than-bright-eyed visage. But our favorite use for sunglasses is in-flight nap time – with it you can sleep without any light disturbances.

Beauty Tips
Rest Up
When we are traveling we tend to get so excited to visit our entire itinerary and would not want to rest at all. Sleepy eyes are puffy and swollen. Sleepy skin looks dehydrated. Avoid these by getting your rest, even on the road! Sleep while on the plane or train, and make sure you get your eight hours beauty rest, no matter what! It’s important to be well-rested to stay beautiful while traveling. If you are having a jet lag and cant sleep, there are natural sleep aids you ca buy in any drugstores.

Pack your usual essentials
I know you want to pack light, but to stay gorgeous while traveling, you’ll want to bring all of your basics, like lipstick, blush on, moisturizer, and cleanser, at least.

The sunblock is a must
Unless you’ll be traveling to the Arctic Circle, you’ll want to bring sun block with you to stay beautiful while traveling or you’ll be toasted in no time. Apply it to your whole body every time you go out.

Drink plenty of water
Keep yourself and your skin well-hydrated or you’ll pay the price with tired-looking, puffy, and generally parched skin and possibly a headache. Keep a bottle of water with you everywhere you go, and sip from time to time. Drinking enough water might be a cliché, but it works all the time.

When I was in Thailand taking classes and learning Thai, I always made sure that I looks fashionable and beautiful. And all my efforts paid off. I saw my a guy there who is now my fiancee and my travel buddy. So dont miss an opportunity to be beautiful. Because who knows, the posibilities are endless around the world.


Cream blush rush

If it’s been a while since you last updated your makeup kit, here’s a good addition to your collection: cream blush. No brushes needed, just a touch on the cheeks using your fingers is enough to give you that natural sun-kissed look. A great thing about cream blush is that it’s handy to bring along for quick touch-ups.

A lot has been said about DuWop Blush Therapy and makes it worth mentioning. It’s in stick form for easy application without any mess. Nearly all the makeup brands have joined the cream blush bandwagon, so there’s a great selection in practically as many shades as powder blush.

What’s Hot: Fishtail Braids


Fishtail braids are enjoying a resurgence of popularity among teenagers, Hollywood stars, and hipsters everywhere. They’re sleek when neat, and romantically bohemian when messy, and quite versatile. You can wear this braid out shopping at your local thrift shop or craft fair, catching some sun on the beach, or even smiling for the cameras on the red carpet. It’s so versatile, it can be styled to create messy yet elegant buns and other more unexpected hairdos.

Here are some steps to mastering the fishtail braid:

1) With your hair slightly damp, comb through your hair and divide into two tails.
2) From the outer side of one tail, take a thin lock of hair.
3) Weave the lock under the other tail, and let it stay there. It’s okay if the lock of hair regroups with the second tail; that’s the point.
4) Repeat the process with the second tail: take a think lock of hair, weave beneath the opposite tail, let it assimilate.
5) Repeat the process until you reach the end of the whole braid. Secure with a hair tie.

You can make this braid as loose or as tight as you want. Have fun!

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Great Makeup Tips From Drag Queens

Thanks to the reality TV show RuPaul Drag Race, drag queens are now enjoying their time in the limelight, and are more visble and celebrated than ever. Gone are the days when the term “drag queen” was synonymous to men in ill-fitting dress and pumps with horrendously thick, clownish makeup. Now, the best drag queens know what it takes to be a woman in a man’s world, and biological ladies are learning from them, too! Here are some tricks of the trade you can steal from these living dolls.

Great beauty comes from great skin. Despite their club appearances, tours, and album recordings, drag queens make it a point to eat healthily and get enough sleep. Aside from staying energized and keeping their trim figures, these factors also make up for healthy skin. Moisturization is also key, so make sure to fit that into your daily skin care rituals.

Try falsies. False eyelashes are not as scary as they seem. All it takes are a good pair, some eyelash glue, tweezers, and good concentration. Falsies are a great way to add drama to your eyes and pile on the girlish charm. Try clipping some inexpensive falsies in half and glue onto the outer corners of your eyes for a flirty look.

Never be afraid to experiment. Although all those makeup choices can seem daunting for some ladies, these queens encourage them to “play around”. To them, makeup is not so much a strict set of colors that go together, but a wide palette for an artist to play around and experiment with. Try matching vivid colors, or mixing your favorite eyeshadow with a bit of clear lipgoss and use it on your lips. The only limit is your imagination.

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How to Get a Natural Look with Pancake Makeup

Does the phrase “pancake makeup” strike fear in you? We have news: pancake makeup has, like many beauty products today, evolved. No longer just the domain of old-fashioned filmstars and Japan comfort women, the pancake makeup of today can be applied to impart a healthy, natural beauty to any woman’s face.

Jidai Matsuri 2009 496

Pancake makeup was first developed by Max Factor, the famous makeup artist to Hollywood stars, who was looking for a solution to the problems brought on by Technicolor films. The latter required very bright lights, under which regular studio makeup reflected colors from other objects on set, giving actors a horrifying “rainbow” look. It took them two years of experimentation, but in 1937, Max Factor’s new Pancake (called Pan-Cake at the time) makeup debuted in the Technicolor film “Vogues of 1938″. The rest, as they say, is history.

Tips on Applying Pancake Makeup

  • Choose the right shade. Because pancake makeup offers up complete coverage, you want the shade you choose to be as close to your natural skincolor as possible- especially the color of your neck. It’s a good idea to discuss this with the makeup consultant at the counter of the brand you’re purchasing the makeup from.
  • Start with a clean face. Wash your face and neck well, and moisturize properly. Make sure to dry your skin as well, but only very lightly.
  • Get your tools ready: some good quality sponges and a cup of clean water. Pancake makeup is water-activated. We like to use water on the cooler side, which has the additional effect of tightening your pores. Make sure your sponges are clean.
  • Dip a sponge in water, and squeeze it so it isn’t too wet. Apply some pancake makeup onto it.
  • Begin at your forehead, right at the center, using light, upward strokes.
  • Move on to your cheeks, then your chin area. Make sure to blend your hair and jaw lines together properly.
  • Finally, apply light strokes around the rest of your face and neck. Allow it to dry for a minute or so. Set with a light dusting of face powder.


For the best natural look, pancake makeup should always be applied in light layers, rather than one thick layer. Using pancake makeup can give you that flawless look usually reserved for celebrities.

Getting Regular Massage Therapy


Massage has been around for centuries and has proven many healing wonders. It provides relaxation for worn out muscles and gives relief to those who have sleep problems. Before, massage is known to be a retreat for the rich and famous. However, it has been a necessity to soothe tired bodies of busy people nowadays. Massage is also a proven therapy to help proper blood circulation. It can help to stimulate the flow of blood all over the body. Aside from relaxation and proper blood circulation, the oils used during therapies are proven to help keep the skin healthy. It can moisturize the skin while leaving off a fragrant scent. Massage therapies also make use of scented aroma and candles. This helps to provide even better relaxation and allows the person to sleep a lot faster. Conditions such as edema, water retention and rheumatism are best aided through regular massage therapy sessions.

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Smart Makeup Removal Part I: The Eyes


After a new year’s evening of partying hard, you stagger into your bedroom and are just about ready to drop and snooze the morning away. You’ve had a wonderful time, and you’re too tired to be bothered to undress, much less take off your makeup.

Wait! It’s imperative that you take your makeup off before bedtime. This allows your skin to breathe and recharge, and stave off the development of nasty zits and blackheads.

The first step to any thorough makeup removal routine is to take a cotton ball with some makeup remover, and swipe our face and neck with it. Be sure to get any particular areas that have been touched with makeup. If you don’t have makeup remover, some baby oil or cold cream will work fine.

Next, your eyes. Carefully peel off your falsies (if you are wearing any), and soak them in warm water to help the glue come off. Take another clean cotton ball with makeup remover, and swipe your eyelids, eyebrows, and the skin beneath your eyes. For the eyeliner, take a clean cotton bud, add a drop or two of makeup remover, and carefully swipe or roll over the tearline. This will clean up your eyes well, and prevent any stray bits of makeup from getting into your eyes as you sleep.

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Avoid the Not So Obvious Foods for a Better You


Health is wealth, this statement is not applicable for your health but is applicable to a persons’ beauty. People who take care of their health are more likely to have a beautiful physical body inside and out. One of the things that most are into right now is being fit. Things to consider in having a fit body is to start shunning yourself away from foods that are preventing your from being healthy or from losing weight. The following are few of the top foods that should be avoided. Whole wheat bread may seem healthy but it is still a bread and do not have enough fiber unlike red rice. Another food to remove from your list is granola. Anything with more or added sugar is not recommendable because this will make you fat and crave more. Lastly, you have to stay away from sports drinks because it does not only have sugar but it also has other processed ingredients. Unless, you workout every day, you can have it.

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