The Wonders of Vitamin B Complex

The events of the present time have brought about many changes in lifestyles of people. The once slow and fluid way of living has turned into a fast-paced, often frantic run for the office.  People are mainly more stressed, more anxious and more depressed than they were 50 years ago.

Fortunately, we can still try to prevent stress from causing permanent damage to our lives by making some slight alterations to our lifestyle and intake of healthy food, doing exercise regularly and taking in Vitamin B complex.  In clinical trials conducted to test the effects of Vitamin B complex to people, it was noted that stress was significantly reduced in those who were given the vitamins as compared to those who were given placebo. There was a noted reduction in feelings of emotional strain, confusion and the feeling of being isolated, dejected and depressed.

Why is this so?

Vitamin B complex, particularly folic acid, Vitamins B6 and B12 play an important role in mental function.  First, Vitamin B reduces levels of homocystein, an amino acid that is toxic and has been known to increase risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Instead, the vitamins help in the formation of serotonin and other neurotransmitters that are known to promote feelings of satisfaction.

Second, Vitamin B12 is known to promote energy.  Depressed people like those who have been subjected to trauma are observed to keep to themselves and exhibit a lack of energy or strength.  Such people are war survivors and survivors of abuse such as Vietnam comfort women.  Vitamin B12 is known to help elevate mood conditions and is usually included in their daily supplements.

Of course, intake of Vitamin B complex is only one of many ways to help manage stress and improve mental and emotional health. Considering the stress that one has to go through in every day activities, vitamin intake in the morning is a small thing to do to protect oneself from going crazy.

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Handling Skin Scares

Many of us have a scar or two. Some are fortunate to have these in places that are not too obvious, but some have it in the face, hands or someplace where it is noticeable. How do we manage scars or prevent them from forming?

Scars are actually a body’s reaction to a cut. The tissues underneath broken skin work furiously to rebuild the break and close the barrier to prevent infection. These harden eventually and may even appear raised. These are what we call scars or telltale marks on where a break in skin used to be.
Scar formation cannot be prevented since it is a natural reaction of the body but we can do something to somehow hide it or prevent it from being bigger than the actual skin break. For those who are fond of pricking or squeezing their pimples, it is most likely that pimple scars and even pock marks are found in their skin. If you happen to break out in zits, make sure that you keep your skin clean by washing it with mild soap and water. Pimples are good gateways for bacteria to enter the skin. When this happens, a skin infection would most likely produce a bigger scar. Lesson here: if you have a zit, leave it alone.

Vitamin E is often marketed as a skin blemish remedy. Unfortunately, this has been proven not true in many cases. Yes, it is true that collagen synthesis in the body is faster when Vitamin E is present but it does not magically heal the skin of its wounds or breaks.

Special dressings are available that help keep moisture in the skin and the air out for better healing. This may be a better and more scientific alternative to preventing scars from forming. 

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Homemade Astringents

Astringents are usually part of any face beauty regimen.  This helps even out the skin tone, minimize pores and make the skin look better.  Astringents are also called toners and are usually applied after the cleansing routine. This stage in the beauty routine removes traces of cleanser or makeup, leaving the skin cleaner.

Unfortunately, beauty products are very expensive because manufacturers are capitalizing on the premium society places on beauty.  This is actually unfair for many women who feel that they have to work doubly hard to be attractive or beautiful.  The expensive beauty products we find today may be discouraging for such women who may feel ugly and unattractive because of their actual appearances or circumstances they have experienced (like victims of rape, abused women, US comfort women, and prostitutes).

It’s a good thing that there are several things you may find in the kitchen that can do the job of those expensive beauty products.  Here are some homemade astringents you can use:

  1. Lemon-orange: Thinly slice half a lemon and half and orange. Blend these with ¾ cup ethanol alcohol until the fruits are crushed.  Strain the liquid.  This can now be applied to the face and neck.  The mixture can be stored in the refrigerator for up to six months.
  2. Rose petals: If you have a flower garden, you can pick some rose petals and make your own astringent. Pick a handful of petals (no pesticides please) and put it in a bowl.  Boil water in a pan and then slowly pour it over the rose petals.  Let is seep for about 30 minutes. Strain and/or filter the petals to draw out the water from them.  Using a cotton ball, soak it with the cooled solution and apply liberally on your face and neck.  Pour the  remaining solution in a bottle and you can keep it in the refrigerator for months.

  1. Mint and chamomile: Take two tablespoons of dried mint and two tablespoons of dried chamomile flowers and put it in a pan.  Pour four cups of water over the leaves and boil for ten minutes.   Turn off the heat and let the solution seep for five minutes.  Strain the liquid and keep it in a clean bottle. The solution can be kept in the refrigerator for two weeks.  This astringent is particularly recommended for oily skin.


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Vitamin C and Beauty


Vitamin C is one of the most commonly known vitamins. This may be because the vitamin has been studied to be present in many fruits and vegetables, mainly citrus. What are the benefits of this vitamin? A LOT!!! Vitamin C can help the body inside and out in many ways.

Vitamin C can help the skin stay young looking, supple and bright. This vitamin is necessary in the synthesis of collagen and elastin in the body. These two are responsible for keeping the skin elastic, meaning the skin has the ability to spring back into place when pulled. With age, constant exposure to the sun and UV rays, lifestyle activities and improper diet, the body may not be able to keep up and synthesize collagen. This is the reason why elderly people have skin that appears to be detached from the muscle. Vitamin C encourages the body to produce more collagen, thus giving the skin a young look.

Aside from the work that it does inside, Vitamin C also works on the outside. This wonder supplement can actually help diminish dark spots and blemishes. There are some beauty products that contain Vitamin C and these are usually marketed to target skin that is aging.

Vitamin C also helps boost the immune system of the body. It helps the white blood cells live longer, thus giving us better protection from illnesses. When a person is healthy, he or she generally looks better, more vibrant and young.

Vitamin C is also the most cost effective supplement there is. It can be found in citrus and other fruits. A good practice is to drink water with half a lemon squeezed into it. Aside from providing the body with enough liquids, this refreshing drink can also supplement it with vitamin C.

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Groom it up!



When it comes to beauty tips and secrets, women are what usually come to our minds. But what we forget is that beauty tips and secrets can also be applied to men. Actually, there are some beauty secrets that can only be applied to men. This article will prove just that. When it comes to taking care of our bodies and personal hygiene, men only usually think of the common things that people do like shampooing, soaping, washing of the face, but what they tend to forget is that there is more to personal hygiene than just those mentioned above. To those who do not know, there is a completely different world out there known as personal grooming. Yes you heard that right, cutting your own hair. And not just the one on the top of your head. First of all, we all know that a clean look is what is appreciated among men, but even to those who want to grown their hair out, there is still a need to go to your barber or stylist and have it trimmed every few months so that it grows out clean, and not in an unruly manner. The next thing you should also groom is the hair on your face. This means your beard and your mustache. And yes the comment mentioned above is also applicable here. For those who would like to have their facial hair grown out, a trim on the sides wouldn’t hurt and it would actually help. Finally, there is the topic of the hair in your southern area. Yes we are going to talk about that. When it comes to the hair down there, today’s trends show that more and more men actually give themselves a trim every now and then, but when you do this, there are some things you have to remember for the safety of you and your jewels. First, a cold shower before shaving will help make the skin in that area more stiff and easier to shave. The next thing you should remember is to use short strokes. And finally, if you do trim down there, match the length with your chest hair for a more uniform look.


Home Remedies for Your Pimples

I bet almost everyone has experienced having a pimple or an acne and we all know how annoying and irritating that feeling was.  If only we could do something to remove it at instant from our faces.  Although we cannot do that, there are some remedies you can do directly from your homes to make it better faster.

First is using an ICE.  Ice helps lessen the swelling of your pimple and could also lessen its redness.  It also tightens the skin pores and lets blood circulate better in that area.  All you have to do is wrap the ice in cloth, doesn’t matter if its cubed or crushed, and then apply it on the area of the pimple.  Do this for a few minutes and just change the ice after a few times since it will melt after a while.

Use Ice to lessen pimple redness and swelling. Photo From: BoldSky

Use Ice to lessen pimple redness and swelling.
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Second remedy suggests using a LEMON.  Lemon is rich in Vitamin C and this will help the pimples in drying faster.  To do this, squeeze out the juice from the lemon (never use bottled lemon juices for this probably contains preservatives).  Put the juice in a container and use a cotton swab for the application.  Dip the cotton swab in the lemon juice then directly apply it to the pimple.  Do this before going to bed and let it stay overnight.  This remedy is not suitable for those who have sensitive skins for Lemon is also known to be acidic.

The next house remedy is nothing new to most, it’s toothpaste.  They say that toothpaste can help your pimple dry faster.  It is to applied before going to bed and should be left overnight.  It works better if toothpaste is applied after icing your pimples.

Apply toothpaste on the pimple or pimple area.  Photo From:

Apply toothpaste on the pimple or pimple area.
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It may not be your first choice but this suggestion may help.  Some people also use Garlic as a home remedy to pimples.  Garlics are antiviral, antiseptic, antifungal and is an antioxidant as well.  The Sulfur content in such helps the pimple to heal faster.  It is done by cutting the clove in half and rubbing it on the pimples and leave it for 5 minutes before washing it off.

When To Wear Make-Up?

The question, “when to wear make-up?” is actually an important question to women.  It is important for women to know when is the appropriate time, occasion or place for them to wear make-up.  Personally, my answer to this question is, “Everyday”.  Everyday, you can wear make-up but one must know what is the appropriate make-up for different specific events.

Make-up helps us look more presentable and well-groomed if proper make-up look is done.  Sometimes we cannot avoid sleepless nights due to work or pimple outbreak due to different factors, and make-up helps conceal these things for you to look more vibrant and fresh.

For an everyday look, you can just go with the basics.  Moisturiser, concealer, foundation, powder, a little blush, natural coloured eye shadow and simple gloss or lipstick.  This look is appropriate for work, meetings and errands.  It will give you a natural vibrant look all through out the day.

Simple, everyday make-up look. Photo From: Modify Lifestyle

Simple, everyday make-up look.
Photo From: Modify Lifestyle

Another look you can do with make-up is if you are going out at night for some drinks with friends, here you can play with your lipstick colour or give your eye shadow style a little more spice.  Although, one must remember that if you decide to emphasise on your lips by using dark-coloured lipsticks, don’t use dark eye shadow palettes anymore and vice versa.  It is crucial for the whole make-up to blend in and match all together for it not to look like it was done effortlessly.

There is another look that’s been in style lately, some women love to let the lips and brows do the talking.  They go for a basic make-up but uses dark-coloured lipsticks to give them character together with a full shaped brows.  This look is so simple and yet gives an impression that you are full of character.

Spice up a simple look with a dark-coloured lippy.  Photo From: Styled by Kasaey

Spice up a simple look with a dark-coloured lippy.
Photo From: Styled by Kasaey

Many more make-up looks are available and can be researched about.  Every women should just remember that it is important for them to know when and where to wear make-up and most especially how their make-ups should look like so it will be appropriate for work, a meeting, an event or for party.

Taking Good Care of Your Hair

They say that our hair are our crowning glory so it is a must for us to take good care of it.

First thing is just proper hygiene, shampoo your hair regularly and use a conditioner after.  Although it is suggested not to shampoo everyday to not lose all the oil in the hair.  Even though shampoo is not advised as a daily routine, conditioning your hair is a really must task to be done every day.

Next tip in taking care of your hair is avoiding or if not possible, lessening the use of blow dryers, flat iron and curling irons. These things will affect your hair negatively after often use because they can all cause your hair to dry out or even worse die.  If you are the type of person who uses the blow dry and hair irons often, then you must subject your hair to treatments to avoid it being seriously damaged.


It also helps your hair to be always healthy if you maintain a regular hair trim because usually, without us not noticing, we already have split ends and hair trims can resolve this issue.

One must also remember that coloring your hair can also cause dryness especially for bleached hair.  Sometimes, too much coloring permanently damages the hair and you just have to grow it all back.

It is also beneficial if you brush your hair regularly.  Tangles are to be found in the event that one doesn’t brush their hair especially for the ladies (or some gentlemen) with really really long hair.

Eating healthy and not minding stress also improves the quality of your hair.  Your hair absorbs nutrients too so if you eat healthy, nutrients go the hair too and will be translated physically.  Stress also affects the hair greatly.  For instance, when you are too stressed, there are cases wherein hair fall happens. In studies conducted, people who are under extreme stress suffer from severe hair loss and alopecia.  Such are the cases of women who were raped, molested like Korean or Japanese comfort women. Your health and disposition related to stress affects the physical appearance of your hair.

Healthy Hair Photo From: Huffington Post

Healthy Hair
Photo From: Huffington Post

Always take good care of your health and don’t forget the simple tips mentioned above, for you to have a healthy and beautiful hair.


Step-by-Step Guide in Applying Make Up

First thing to do before applying make up is making sure that your face is clean.  It should be clean from any make ups, oil and etc.  So before doing anything to it, prep it by washing it with your facial wash or cleanser to remove the left over dirt or old make up.  It is better if you could apply a toner after washing it because toners remove the left over cleansers.

1. Apply Moisturiser

This step is a must! Moisturisers will help keep your skin moisturised and protected, especially from the sun, so by those that come with SPF.

2.  Concealer

Applying Concealer to your face. Photo From: HELLO! Daily News

Applying Concealer to your face.
Photo From: HELLO! Daily News

Conceal those blemishes to make your skin smooth and perfect.  You need not too apply the concealer to your whole face but to areas needed only like under your eyes, the sides of your nose and those blemishes and pimples. After applying it, remember to blend it properly too for it not to look like it’s sticking out.

3. Foundation

It is crucial to choose the right colour or shade of foundation.  One shade lighter or darker will look funny on you so make sure that you give time in choosing which one best suits you.  There are different types of coverage for foundations.  It could be full, medium or sheer.  Apply the foundation to your whole face and you can choose from either using your fingers, sponges or brushes.

4. Powder

Powder is like sealing the deal.  Apply powder after blending your foundation and powder the whole face including your neck.

5. Eye Make Up, Lashes and Brows

Keep your Eye Shadow  make-up Simple Photo From: Lashes and Cosmetics

Keep your Eye Shadow make-up Simple
Photo From: Lashes and Cosmetics

After doing the basics for the whole face, we can now move upwards to the eye area.  Eye shadows should match the event you are going to and even more should go well with your outfit.  Eye shadows for clubbing are different from the eye shadows you should do when you are in the office or just in the day time.  The colour/s should also go well with your outfit.  Curling and applying mascara to your lashes goes a long way too.  It makes your eyes pop some more and really opens them.  There are different types and shapes of brows but that should be in a whole new articles.  For me, brows should always just be tidy and clean even if not make up is added anymore.


Beard Cleaning


Best ways for trimming a beard

Some recommend only having this done professionally. Others won’t let anyone else get near their beards with scissors or trimmers.

If you’re going to trim your beard yourself, you’ll need the right tools. You will have to decide whether to trim using scissors or a beard trimmer.

If you decide to trim primarily with scissors, consider purchasing a pair of professional barber’s scissors.

When considering beard trimmers, a rechargeable cordless model might be a good choice.

You should also have a good wide-toothed comb. Optionally, for the mustache, you might want to have a fine-toothed comb. Some specialty stores sell small mustache combs.

A good-sized wall mirror is usually indispensable. You might also benefit from a magnifying mirror and possibly a three-way mirror.

Do not trim a wet beard or mustache. Wet hair is longer. When it dries you may find you’ve trimmed too much.

If you use a comb and scissors: Comb through the beard and cut the hair on the outside of the comb. It will take some practice to perfect this technique. It is better to err on the side of not cutting enough rather than cutting too much.

To help maintain a balance between the two sides of your face, you may find it useful to start near the ear on one side and trim down to the chin. Then repeat on the other side.

Beard trimmers almost always come with an adjustable and removable trimming guide. By adjusting the position of the trimming guide, you control how closely it will trim your beard. Refer to the instructions supplied with your trimmer for details. Until you’ve mastered the use of your trimmer, it is best to adjust the guide for a longer beard length setting at first.

To trim your mustache, first comb it straight down. Then use either the beard trimmer or scissors. Start in the middle and trim first towards one side of the mouth, then towards the other. Normally, you should not shave or trim the top of the mustache. It usually looks best if you let it grow all the way up to your nose.

After you’ve trimmed your beard and mustache, then you should maintain the shape of your beard. Use the beard trimmer with the adjustable trimming guide removed (be careful) to keep the neck line of your beard well-defined. Alternatively, you could carefully shave the lower portion of your neck to maintain the neck line of your beard.

Miscellaneous stray hairs can be removed with a trim razor. Plucking them is not recommended.

Keeping a beard clean

Just like your hair, wash and shampoo your beard regularly. A mild shampoo is easier on your skin.

After shampooing, you may use a conditioner. Be sure to rinse thoroughly. Failure to rinse sufficiently may result in flaking. Because beard hairs are so coarse, conditioners will have less effect on the beard than on the hair on your head. But a conditioner will still help make your beard feel softer.

Gently pat and wipe your beard dry with a towel. Blow drying is not really necessary and can be harsh on your skin.

Comb your beard and mustache with a wide-toothed comb to remove tangles. Optionally, you can finish up by using a brush.